Kevin Kautenburger
Pollen MirrorField TentSweep Net Portal with GoldenrodFor R.B.Two Person Sweep NetShadeHive2StackSkepField FlowerMorning gloryUntitledFilterCorner ChrysalisBlack/Yellow CombCricket WellHive: Open/ClosedHive: Open/Closed (right half of a diptych)Hive: Open/Closed (Left half of a diptych)Nectar GuideCloomed EggCloomed Egg (right); Field Quilt (left)UntitledCollection 1Collection (Beaver sticks/stone) DescentCabbage WhiteSweet Gum/beauty FormsSwarm9th GiftNectary: Dreamers of Bee SpaceRailBasinField CribSaw Cuts (Beauty Forms)BuoyField ScreenPollen MirrorsUntitledUntitled/Soil RingPollen SiloPollen Silo, detail interiorAlluvial ReposeSeed BedBeaver LodgePropolis FieldChimneys
I am a maker, a naturalist - informed by my practice as beekeeper, dreamer of botanical life, and as a carpenter in historic Philadelphia. An increasing state of biophilia – a significant sense of kinship to the natural environment - permeates my thinking and seeps into my work. Rocky River Reservation, a minute walk from my shop, is becoming an extension of my studio practice, as well as my bee yard.

My interest is in distilling the experience and sensations of natural phenomena - to contain it - for both others and myself to experience.
The beauty and the poetry that I react to in the natural world have a temporality, a beautiful stillness, like an ephemeral vernal pool, and is informing the direction of current explorations.